Samsung GALAXY S9+ PLUS Glass Screen Repair Replacement KIT + Tools + Instructions - Pro Series-Digital Supply USA
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Samsung GALAXY S9+ PLUS Glass Screen Repair Replacement KIT + Tools + Instructions - Pro Series

$ 55.97 $ 29.98

Repair Your Glass Screen * Complete Kit * Strongest Glass On The Market * Free Warranty * Free Shipping * Pro-Series * Repair It Right The First Time

Fix a cracked screen on your Samsung Galaxy S9+ with a replacement kit from Digital Supply USA. We offer the strongest glass available for less.

The screen on your Samsung Galaxy S9+ is beautiful, the way it stretches from edge to edge with barely a bezel in the hand. Whether you're binge-watching a favorite TV show or recording your own video, your screen shows amazing results. If you develop a crack in your screen, that little break can get in the way of whatever you're watching. All it takes is one bad drop, and all of a sudden, your brand-new phone has a big problem.

And fixing it may not be easy, either. Lease-to-own programs are restrictive, and warranties don't cover as much as they used to. If you didn't buy an expensive insurance plan from your carrier, you may be stuck with footing the bill. Repair shops can get expensive, and they will want to hang on to your phone for longer than necessary.

Digital Supply USA gives you a better option: With our Samsung Galaxy S9+ screen replacement kit, you can give your phone new glass for much less by replacing it yourself.

  • This glass screen is made from the toughest ion-infused glass to resist shattering and other breaks. Made to fit your phone exactly, it's coated with an oleophobic surface to resist fingerprints and smudges.
  • You'll get a full tool kit that contains all the things you'll need to safely replace your screen, including spudgers, screwdrivers and 3M High-Quality adhesive strips.
  • Our step-by-step instructions show every detail of the repair process. You can also watch videos that show each step in real time.

With Digital Supply USA, you'll be able to get your phone fixed on your terms for much less money than a smartphone company or repair shop. Our parts are the highest-grade available on the market, so you won't sacrifice quality with us.


  • Works with ALL Galaxy S9+ PLUS phones
  • Includes replacement glass lens screen , tools, adhesive tape and Easy-Repair instructions
  • Made with ion-infused glass to resist shattering 
  • Oleophobic-coated glass to reduce fingerprints and smudging
  • Includes free shipping and free warranty
  • Front Outer Glass Lens Screen Replacement Kit (This part is commonly used to repair a broken or scratched glass lens.)
  • Made With The Highest Quality Ion-Infused Glass On The Market. Shatter Resistant Glass, fingerprint resistant oleo-phobic coating.
  • Includes EASY-HACK Installation Instructions / Tips / Hacks (Don't get stuck not knowing how to put your phone back together)
  • Includes Premium 3M adhesive (Very Important Part- For the tightest bond possible)
  • Includes phone repair tools kit
  • Free Warranty! (No Hassle)
  • Free Shipping! (Don't get stuck waiting weeks to receive your order)
  • We only use the highest quality OEM Grade materials available on the market. 
  • **Beware** of knock-off cheaper imitations sold elsewhere. (You get what you pay for and you only want to make this repair once. Repair it right the first time.)
  • Exact Size: 6.2 inches (84.2% screen-to-body ratio) 

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Package Includes:

1 x Replacement Glass Lens Screen 
1 x Set Tools
1 x 3M Adhesive Tape
1 x Instructions

Our Galaxy S9+ PLUS replacement screen from Digital Supply USA is made of the strongest glass available. Plus, we add tools and DIY instructions.


  • Works with ALL Samsung Galaxy S9+ PLUS phones
  • Works with all Galaxy S9+ PLUS models models and colors from all cell phone carriers including Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile and more.
  • USA Model numbers SM-G965U SM-G965U1

Are you worried you need to buy a new Galaxy phone due to your cracked screen? Instead of buying something new, simply repair it! This is our Premium Samsung Galaxy S9+ PLUS Glass Screen Replacement Repair Kit for do-it-yourselfers.

This complete repair kit includes a new glass screen that has been manufactured with precision to ensure the perfect fit for your phone and features scratch and shatter resistant glass. So what are you waiting for? Save your hard-earned money and fix your phone yourself!

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