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iPhone 5s Replacement Battery Li-Ion Polymer

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This new replacement battery for the iPhone 5s has an OEM charge capacity with a battery life anticipated at atleast 8 hours of voice usage or 41 hours of music playback. Note that each individual users settings & usage will also determine the actual battery life. The LCD on-time & data/talk  will consume the most power out of the device. 

You should obtain the serial number from the back of the device or in settings and verify the iPhone model here so that you are certain to purchase the correct replacement parts.


Apple does not sell their replacement parts on the open market. Therefore, the parts you see available will always be aftermarket unless they are part-outs from a device that has been used. The quality of the replacements are not equal. Over a long period of time we have sifted and sorted through, literally, hundreds of manufacturers to build and maintain an offering of the highest quality replacement parts on the market today. Feel confident in your purchase knowing that you will notice no difference in the longevity and battery life of your new iPhone or Samsung  battery!

Free Warranty Included!


All Lithium-Ion batteries have a finite number of charges before it will no longer hold a charge. Over the lifetime of the battery it's ability to hold and maintain a charge will gradually diminish & your device will no longer give you the battery life it did in the beginning. There are many steps you can take to get the maximum lifetime from your new iPhone or Samsung battery.


● Battery Type: Li-Ion Polymer Battery

● Capacity: 1560mAh

●Compatibility: Apple iPhone 5S
● Connector Type: Buckle

    • OEM mAh charge capacity
    • We will not be held responsible for any injuries or damages that result from a DIY repair.
    • We will not guarantee that this battery will fix any issues with your Apple or Samsung device.
    • To Replace the old, dead or dying battery with an OEM!
    • This is the same battery that Apple makes.

    The Apple iPhone 5C & 5S Battery are your main, mobile power source for your iPhone device. The phone battery is located under the main screen. If you are uncertain if the issue is with the battery, plug the device directly into the computer. If phone works while plugged into your PC, however your device turns off right after you unplug it from the PC, then its time for a new battery. If your iPhone device has to be recharged more often than usual, or it will not charge at all, then this is definately the part you need.

    Apple iPhone 5C & 5S Battery Troubleshooting Tips:

    1. You should Try a different power cable on your iPhone device. You could have a USB cable that has gone bad at the same time as the battery. This is a rather common issue. But If this does not work then…
    2. Try Removing your battery, & plug your iPhone device straight into your computer. If the device does not power on at all, then you may have a bad charging port. You should Try replacing the charge port flex cable. However, If a new port does not resolve the issue then…
    3. Re-attempt the repair from the very beginning. Double check all the connections during the installation to see if something could have come loose or was damaged during the initial repair. 

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