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iPhone 5 Complete LCD Screen + Digitizer Assembly Replacement - Black

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Includes Complete Assembly!   Standard 2 Day Shipping!   Free Warranty!

Simply replace the screen with a brand new, non-refurbished, and original iPhone 5 LCD and Touch Screen Digitzer Replacement. This fused assembly screen can solve almost any common screen problem, including cracks, dead pixels, a los of touch sensitivity, color distorion, or problems with picture display. By performing this simple DIY repair, you can have a fully functional iPhone 5 again, and for a fraction of the cost of a replacement phone. Compatible with: Apple iPhone 5

Free Warranty!

Do you have an iPhone 5 that needs a screen replacement for a repair? We carry this brand new iPhone 5 LCD and Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly to give you the ability to easily repair a broken or cracked screen yourself! This iPhone 5 screen replacement will also solve any other hardware issues you may be experiencing as well.

Other than physical damage such as a cracked glass digitizer resulting from a drop or fall, you could have other problems with your screen that would require you to purchase this iPhone 5 replacement screen to resolve the issues. Common problems with your LCD screen can include flickering, inky black spots, vertical or horizontal lines, and dead pixels. You may also have issues with your touch screen such as dead areas where you have no touch sensitivity. If your iPhone 5 screen is having any of these problems you will need to replace it.

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