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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Glass Screen Replacement Repair Kit

$ 55.47 $ 19.98

This premium repair kit for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features a shatter-resistant screen replacement along with tools and instructions.

Use this Samsung Galaxy Note 9 premium display repair kit to fix issues with cracked screens, touch responsive or pixel damage. The high-quality kit includes tools and instructions to help you complete a DIY repair at home. It also features:

  • Replace your cracked glass yourself
  • Ion strengthened crystal clear glass
  • Includes instruction guidelines and tips
  • Beware of cheap imitations sold elsewhere
Instead of buying a brand-new phone, use this affordable replacement kit to quickly repair your
broken screen. Order your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 screen repair kit to get a free warranty with
your purchase.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Glass Screen Replacement Premium Repair Kit N960


  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Glass Screen
  • Model numbers SM-N960
  • Works with all Galaxy Note 9 models


  • Screen Color: Black
  • Highest quality materials available
  • Glass material is shatter resistant to protect your investment


This complete kit includes everything you will need to successfully complete your Galaxy Note 9 screen replacement. It includes the front outer glass screen, expertly chosen tools, and laser-cut adhesive for a perfect bond.

This screen has been manufactured to provide a precision fit to your phone and features scratch and shatter resistant glass. You'll feel great completing this repair, and you'll be saving money by doing it yourself.

Repair Guides

Installation Instructions, The specific repair for your device may vary.

A typical glass repair can be completed with the following steps. We suggest viewing a repair video on YouTube prior to installation.

  1. Apply a strip of clear packing tape across the cracked screen.
  2. Use the Pentalobe screwdriver to remove the bottom 2 screws.
  3. Use the suction cup to pull up the screen and remove it from the rear case.
  4. Carefully lift up the screen assembly,  disconnect the flex cables and fully remove the screen assembly from the rear case.
  5. Use a blow dryer to slowly heat up the surface of your screen to loosen the glass adhesive.
  6. Once the adhesive softens, slide the pry tool between the glass and frame. 
  7. Insert a wire, floss, or shoe string into to the exposed gap.  Slide it gently down the length of the screen to safely separate the glass from the LCD.
  8. Insert the picks as you go to keep the screen separated from the LCD.
  9. Once the glass is separated, carefully clean the LCD to remove any leftover adhesive, dust or glass.
  10. Test fit the included double-sided adhesive onto the frame,  trim if necessary.  Once satisfied with the fit, remove one side of the adhesive, press firmly into place. 
  11. Pull off the remaining adhesive backing and fit the new glass screen into place.
  12. Press firmly on the edges to ensure a good seal between the glass and adhesive tape.


  • Keep organized, the screws are of different size and length.  Mark and number the screws as you take them out to prevent damage
  • Do not force the or pry the screen apart, you could damage the LCD.  
  • Do not overheat the LCD when softening the screen glue with the blow dryer.

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