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Sale Up to 45% OFF!!! - FREE Shipping - LIFETIME WARRANTY - Lowest Price Guarantee - NO Restock Fees!

Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE Screen Protector Instructions

Installation Instructions for Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE Screen Protector.

Glue / Adhesive on this particular protector is only applied around the curved edge portion of the protector.
The flat portion of the protector over the main screen area does not have adhesive and does not stick to the screen underneath.
It is crucial to make sure the protector is securely and properly applied along the edges where there is glue / adhesive.
Protector cannot be reused after it's been installed the first time.

  1. Phone screen must be cleaned thoroughly.
    Make sure phone surface is COMPLETELY free of any dust or lint as they will cause bubbles which cannot be removed.
  2. Protector must be lined up with the phone screen perfectly.
    Bottom home button area, camera hole, speaker hole, and sensitivity holes on top of the screen must be aligned.
    If aligned incorrectly, protector will not adhere properly and touch sensitivity may be affected.
  3. Remove the film on the backside of the protector and perfectly line up the protector with the phone screen.
  4. Once installed, please apply firm pressure around the edges of the protector.
    Pressure around the edges of the protector is very important since the protector only has adhesive around edges.
    Middle portion of the protector does not actually stick to the phone screen.
    Please remember that cleaning the phone, correctly aligning the protector, and applying pressure around edges is crucial.
    As we have described in the item listing, due to the unique curved design of the glass protector, many phone cases will not work with this product.
  5. here is the link to the videos.

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