Samsung Galaxy Note 8 LCD Screen Replacement Guide

Save yourself the shipping fees and hassle and repair your shattered screen yourself! This guide will help you through the more affordable option of replacing your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 LCD Screen. Digital Supply USA has ready-made repair kits, including the glass, so you can DIY your LCD screen replacement. The ion-infused glass is shatter-resistant and treated with an oleo-phobic coating to reduce fingerprints.

Tools You Will Need


Step 1: Unplug, then power down Note. Remove SD card.

Step 2: Remove Samsung S-pen stylus.

Step 3: Insert spudger or opening pick where the S-pen was located and carefully begin to pry open the cover.

Step 4: Work your way around all four sides to remove the back panel. Be mindful of the clips placed every 2 cm. They will pop open as you go.

Step 5: Remove eight 3mm Phillips #00 screws located around the battery.

Step 6: Lift the top left corner of battery. Mind the white connector attached with blue and red wires in the lower right corner of the battery.

Step 7: Gently lift white connector to disconnect. Do not yank by the wires.

Step 8: Using flat edge of the spudger, lift the digitizer connector and slide out the orange ribbon from the connector.

Step 9: Lift LCD connector, then slide out the orange ribbon from the connector.

Step 10: Turn the tablet over, screen side up.

Step 11: Using the blow dryer on low heat, sweep it along the white border until the glass is warm to the touch.

Step 12: Starting at the top of the tablet, insert opening pick between the silver surrounding and the screen. Carefully work the adhesive free at the top.

Step 13: Begin to work the opening pick down the right side of tablet, which is the side with the volume and power buttons. Continue to do the same along the bottom. DO NOT work free the side opposite the power and volume buttons, you'll damage the screen connector.

Step 14: Turn over the tablet and carefully press on the back of the LCD panel in the battery opening. Press along the power button edge ONLY.

Step 15: Disconnect from the motherboard the ribbon along the connected edge of the screen.

Step 16: Turn the tablet over, screen side up.

Step 17: Slide the opening pick down the connected side opposite the volume button to completely remove the LCD and screen assembly.

Step 18: Run the blow dryer on low heat to separate the screen from the LCD.

Step 19: When screen is warm to the touch, attach suction cup to the glass near the edge and lift. Slide pick or card between the screen and the LCD digitizer. Slowly work around the edges.

Step 20: Carefully remove the glass. Remove adhesive using tweezers and a cotton swab dampened with isopropyl alcohol.

Step 21: Reapply adhesive to the LCD digitizer edges.

Step 22: Attach new glass screen.

Step 25: Repeat all the previous steps backwards to reassemble Galaxy Note 8.

Digital Supply USA has the tools and tricks you need to replace the LCD screen on your Galaxy Note 8 affordably on your own.

*Repair at your own risk.

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