iPhone 6 - Battery Replacement Guide

Replace your old battery and install a new one quickly and easily by using these iPhone 6 battery replacement instructions for use with our Digital Supply USA battery kit.

iPhone 6 Parts

Disclaimer: Repair phone at own risk. Digital Supply USA is not responsible for damaged phones or parts incurred during the repair process. 


Kit Supplies:
  • Mini screwdrivers
  • Opening tools
  • Replacements battery


  1. Remove two pentalobe screws from each side of the charging port on the bottom edge of the device.
  2. Carefully lift the screen up from the phone, inserting the opening tool under the edge for added leverage if necessary. The screen will not completely be removed from the phone.
  3. Disconnect the screen assembly by removing the screws in the upper righthand corner of the phone’s interior.

  4. Disconnect the assembly cables.
  5. Remove two screws from the shield that cover the battery connectors, then disconnect the battery.
  6. Slide the opening tool under the battery to remove it.
  7. Install the replacement battery and insert the battery connector before replacing the two screws in the connector shield.
  8. Reconnect the screen assembly cables that you removed in step 4.
  9. Reinsert the screws in the upper righthand corner over the screen assembly cables.
  10. Replace the screen onto the back of the phone. Snap the two parts together and reinsert and two pentalobe screws on the bottom edge of the device.
  11. Power on your device to make sure your new iPhone 6 battery works properly.

Notes from Digital Supply USA:

  • Track each screw as you remove it; each one needs to be replaced in the exact spot where it came from.
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