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No matter how well you care for your iPhone, you'll eventually need to repair or replace some of the key components. Fortunately, that doesn't need to entail a pricey trip to a tech repair shop or buying a new phone altogether. Instead, use these iPhone 5 repair guides from Digital Supply USA to learn how to do some easy fixes on your own. You can save money and time by completing repairs yourself, and you'll be better acquainted with your phone than ever before.

To repair an iPhone 5, you'll first want to check out the tutorials we have available in this collection. Many common replacements are covered, including replacing an outer glass lens or iPhone LCD digitizer. You can follow the step-by-step instructions and even learn how to use adhesive tape or adhesive LOCA glue by using these guides. We also offer complete iPhone 5 teardown instructions for those who are particularly tech-savvy. Get your iPhone repair guides and affordable replacements parts all from one convenient place at Digital Supply USA.

A lot of our customers like using the most up to date complete tear-down instructions found at the below link.

 There are also excellent how to videos on www.YouTube.com  Simply put iPhone glass only replacement or iPhone LCD Digitizer replacement in the search bar and tons of videos pop up.

 Written instructions for the outer glass lens replacement can be found at the below link


If you are replacing the Outer Glass lens Only a couple of our most popular instructional videos can be found here.

Examples of how to use adhesive tape.



 Example of how to use the adhesive LOCA glue.


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