Apple iPhone Portable Battery Backup Charger Power Bank-Digital Supply USA
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Apple iPhone Portable Battery Backup Charger Power Bank

$ 19.46 $ 12.98

Compatible with:
General categories: Apple and Samsung Devices

Package Included:
1 x Portable Power Bank

Use our versatile portable battery backup charger 2600 mAh-capacity power bank from Digital Supply USA for most electronics with USB ports.

Our high-capacity 2600mAh Apple iPhone portable battery backup charger power bank from Digital Supply USA can be used with any smartphone, video game, iPod, Walkman or other electronic device with USB charging cables. This high-efficiency power pack with a long life cycle protects against over-charging, over-discharge, overloads and short circuiting, which makes it a great choice for travel and outdoor action. Charge your device fast with this portable battery charger.

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