Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Find the DIY Apple iPhone 6 Plus 5.5"screen repair kits, batteries, tool kits and screen protectors you need at affordable prices from Digital Supply USA.

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With our kit to replace your LCD digitizer plus home button plus speaker plus camera, all parts are pre-installed, making it the easiest screen kit available for the iPhone 6 Plus. The LCD display and factory-fused touch screen LCD digitizer are fully assembled. This kit includes a front camera plus proximity sensor, ear speaker, complete home button assembly, LCD metal back plate and tool kit.  We have versatile sure-grip tool kits made specifically for smartphones. Shop our portable batteries, 3-foot cables and iPhone 6 Plus lithium-ion polymer battery replacements.  Our tempered glass screen protector for the 5.5" display screen on an Apple iPhone 6 Plus will protect your outer glass lens from scratches and other damage. The back of this screen protector is coated with a strong silicon adhesive for easy, secure placement. This glass display protector is hard, but thin, so it won't affect touch screen sensitivity.
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