The general directions to replace the front outer glass lens on your iPhone or Galaxy

February 03, 2016 1 min read

Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy general front outer glass lens replacement directions.

1) Pry the back case open to remove 

the battery and the SIM card.

Optional: You can also remove

your phone’s motherboard.


2) You will need to pry the top glass

from the bottom casing. To do this,

you can use a flat tool or a razor

blade. This may take some time.

Try prying the edges first.

3) Optional: You can also use an

infrared thermometer or a blow dryer

to heat the surface. This will loosen

the glue for easier removal. Use the

suction cup to assist with the screen removal.


4 Wipe the screen clean. Anything

left on the screen can mess up the

touch performance. If your glass is

shattered you will need to pick up

the small pieces with tweezers.


5 WARNING: it is important that

the digitizer does not get

damaged in the process of

removing the glass from the

LCD. Do not damage the LCD.


6  Take your new sticky adhesive and

carefully line it around the edges of

the phone. DO NOT get any adhesive

on buttons or the LCD screen. Cut

the adhesive as you line the edges.


7 When you are finished lining

the phone with the adhesive,

carefully peel the paper from

the adhesive to show the

sticky side.

8 Peel off the thin protective

plastic layers on both sides

of the new glass. DO NOT

touch the inner side of the



9 CAREFULLY line the new

glass up with the screen

and press on the edges to

secure adhesion.




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