May 29, 2017 3 min read

Anyone who owns an iPhone knows the struggle of trying to keep the screen in one piece. It’s like an unwritten rule that everyone must have a cracked iPhone screen at least once, per device. In fact, iPhone screens break so easily that repairing Apple glass screens has become a booming industry – and an expensive one for everyone else. Fortunately, there is an option and one that won’t break the bank. You just need to have an iPhone glass screen replacement kit and these tips to repair your cracked screen.

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Use a glass screen replacement kit specifically designed for your device

The first tip to repairing your iPhone is to choose a glass screen replacement kit specific to your device. Every iPhone is different from the rest. So, if you need to repair a cracked iPhone 7 screen, a repair kit for an iPhone 6 won’t work – and vice versa. The screen kit should always be specific to the device to ensure an authentic Apple look that appears brand spanking new.

The basic tools you need to repair a cracked iPhone screen

With such a wide range of iPhone glass screen replacement kits available, it can be difficult determining which one you need. There are some iPhone 7 repair kits that come with the strongest glass on the market, others that come with glass replacements that aren’t touch screen, and others that come with the basic tools need to repair a cracked screen, and many in between. Your budget will help youApple, iphone 7, glass screen replacement kit, cracked screen, cracked iPhone screen, repair cracked screen, narrow in on the best glass screen replacement kit for you but here are the basics that everykit comes with on Digital Supply USA.

  • The proper tools specific to your device, such as different screwdrivers
  • High quality glass
  • Installation instructions
  • Free warranty
  • Free shipping

This list gets more elaborate, depending on the Apple screen you’re repairing. For example, the basic tools required to repair an iPhone 7 screen are:

  • The proper tools
  • Front outer glass lens screen replacement
  • Shatter proof glass that’s fingerprint resistance
  • Different colors available to match your iPhone 7 device
  • Installation instructions
  • 3M high quality adhesive
  • Free warranty
  • Free shipping

Always purchase a glass screen replacement kit that comes with detailed instructions

With the prior mentioned, you’ve likely noticed that not all Apple screen repair kits are created equally. iPhones are quite complex devices to begin with and the newer devices, such as the iPhone 7, are a little more difficult to repair than the others.

So, it’s imperative to always purchase a cracked screen repair kit that comes with thorough installation instructions. More importantly, you need to follow the instructions precisely. The only thing worse than a cracked iPhone screen is an iPhone you can’t put back together.   

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Deter more cracked Apple screens with the strongest LCD glass display screen

If you’re that one friend everyone has who constantly has a cracked iPhone screen despite just having it repaired, you need to upgrade your glass. You’ve likely spent a significant amount of money replacing all of those cracked apple screens. So, this tip will save you a ton of money, especially if you usually get your screen repaired at a shop.

The iPhone 7 LCD Screen Replacement Kitcomes with the strongest class on the market. It also provides you with all the repair tools and installation instructions you need to finally keep your iPhone screen in one piece. So, even if your iPhone is in good condition right now, you may want to consider upgrading the screen to deter damage the next time you drop it – and you know you’re bound to do so.  


Every iPhone owner can relate to dropping their phone, screen down, and fearing the worst as they pick it back up to evaluate the damage.  But now you don’t have to worry because you can easily fix your Apple iPhone with a glass screen replacement kit. So, get your repair kit today because you know you’re going to need it at some point. Oh, iPhones - it’s such a love-hate relationship. 

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