iPhone damage prevention

Authored By Victoria Smith

The Future iPhones may come with wings… Seriously. That’s at least according to a patent awarded to the company Apple that seeks to provide a cool way to prevent iPhones from smashing, breaking and cracking when they’re dropped or thrown.

According to the patent the was submitted, which was awarded to Apple by the United States Patent and Trademark Offices, and first reported by AppleInsider, the company is experimenting with wild ways to physically alter the movement of its phones and devices as they fall, so that they land in a way that will cause the least amount of damage and destruction.

Landing kind of like a cat, 

In the companies patent filing, Apple points to a lot of potential options to accomplish this major feat, including strapping its phones and devices with built-in airfoils that would pop-up when the unit or handset’s processor detects that it is falling from your hand. The product airfoil could, in theory, slow the phone or devices descent, ensuring that it impacts the ground with lesser force and preventing it from suffering a significant damage or destruction.

The patent also mentions a kind of thrusting mechanism that would use a gas like canister to generate forces from different areas of the phone and reorient it mid-fall toward the impact zone.

Some Other options include a rotating mass like thing that would spin the phone as it falls, so that it lands without shattering or damaging its display. Heck, the patent also mentions a mass, such as a battery or some other big object, that could be ejected from the phone as it falls to the ground to make it rotate.

The big key, the patent explains, is the mechanism needs to get the phone to fall in a way that minimizes any potential big damage. with Americans having already dished out billions of dollars to repair their smart-phones in the past eight years, anything that can further reduce the amount of punishment a phone takes would be a huge benefit to consumers.

So the big question is what are the odds you will see this in your next iPhone?? That’s really hard to say. Tech companies like Apple and Samsung usually stockpile patents for a huge variety of applications just in case they may be useful in the future products, or can be used against their competitors during nasty litigation.

Also, some of the options mentioned in the patent are fairly wild. I mean, airfoils on a smartphone? Really?

More than likely, it’s highly unlikely that the next iPhone or smartphone will include any variations of the previously mentioned drop-protection measures. With That said, a flying iPhone would be pretty flippin awesome.


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