The general directions to replace the front outer glass lens on your iPhone or Galaxy February 03, 2016 15:46

Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy general front outer glass lens replacement directions.

1) Pry the back case open to remove 

the battery and the SIM card.

Optional: You can also remove

your phone’s motherboard.


2) You will need to pry the top glass

from the bottom casing. To do this,

you can use a flat tool or a razor

blade. This may take some time.

Try prying the edges first.

3) Optional: You can also use an

infrared thermometer or a blow dryer

to heat the surface. This will loosen

the glue for easier removal. Use the

suction cup to assist with the screen removal.


4 Wipe the screen clean. Anything

left on the screen can mess up the

touch performance. If your glass is

shattered you will need to pick up

the small pieces with tweezers.


5 WARNING: it is important that

the digitizer does not get

damaged in the process of

removing the glass from the

LCD. Do not damage the LCD.


6  Take your new sticky adhesive and

carefully line it around the edges of

the phone. DO NOT get any adhesive

on buttons or the LCD screen. Cut

the adhesive as you line the edges.


7 When you are finished lining

the phone with the adhesive,

carefully peel the paper from

the adhesive to show the

sticky side.

8 Peel off the thin protective

plastic layers on both sides

of the new glass. DO NOT

touch the inner side of the



9 CAREFULLY line the new

glass up with the screen

and press on the edges to

secure adhesion.




iPhone Battery Replacement Quick Steps February 03, 2016 09:10

The below steps are meant to be a high level guide to replacing the battery in an Apple iPhone.
  1. Remove the two bottom screws next to the dock connector on the iPhone. Make sure you do not apply much force on the screws with the screwdriver. Doing so will strip the screws.
  2. Press a suction cup onto the screen, just above the home button of the iPhone. WARNING: Be careful with the next step. You can break the front glass if too much force is applied. 
  3. While holding the iPhone device down with one hand, CAREFULLY pull up on the suction cup to separate the front assembly from the rear case.
  4. Using a tool, GENTLY pry the rear case down and away from the display assembly while you pull up with the suction cup.
  5. Continue to pry around the sides of the front panel, detaching the clips along the bottom, right, and left sides DO NOT damage the clips.
  6. Lift the bottom of the Assembly away fro the rear case. WARNING: DO NOT completely remove the front glass panel from the rear case. Ribbon cable are still attached. 
  7. On mid-right hand side next o the battery,remove two 1.6mm Phillips screws securing the metal battery connector bracket to the motherboard. Remove the metal bracket. 
  8. Use a plastic tool to gently pry the battery connector up from its socket on the motherboard. Warning: Do not pry up the socket on the motherboard, only pry the battery connector. 
  9. Along the bottom of the batter, above the charge dock, there is an adhesive tab. Use a tool to lift it. Do not completely remove.
  10. Pull the white adhesive tab to the left to separate the adhesive from underneath the battery. Lift the battery out and remove it. 
  11. Install the new battery. Reverse the order of the steps used to disassemble the phone. Make sureall screws are screwed in properly. 

Difference Between The iPhone 5/5s/5c LCD and Digitizer Screens and Back Covers December 30, 2015 14:07


Are you wondering what the Difference between iPhone 5 iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S LCD / Digitizer Replacement Screens are? We are going to clarify all the differences & make you clear! We attached pictures which will be much easier for you to know where the exact differences are located.

Relacement Parts Are Available At Digital Supply USA

Firstly, let's see the difference between iPhone 5 iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S


Front View of the LCD Screen Digitizer for iPhone 5 iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S


1.See the red square marked ① in the picture. You can tell that iPhone 5 LCD Flex Cable is shorter. It is completely different from iPhone 5S and 5C. The LCD Flex cable of iPhone 5S and 5C look similar, both of them are longer than iPhone 5.

2.Now, lets move on to the second difference - marked ②. The support frame is different. The top right corner of the iPhone 5C is higher than the iPhone 5S & iPhone 5 models. The frame structures of the 3 models are different as well, this caused the 3 types LCD Screen to not be compatible. This means you must make sure to buy the correct model.

3.The 3rd difference between iPhone 5 iPhone 5C & iPhone 5S LCD Screen is still the frame. However it's on the bottom of the plastic frame. As you can tell, there are slight differences on the bottom frame.

Secondly, I am showing you the difference between iPhone 5 iPhone 5C & iPhone 5S Back Housing Covers:



This Is The Front View of iPhone 5 iPhone 5C & iPhone 5S Back Housing Cover

Now look at the front view of the 3 back housings. As you can see, we can easily recognize iPhone 5C because of it's unique designs. So what is the difference iPhone 5 & iPhone 5S Back Housings? The body color & flashlight hole are different as you can see. If you take a closer look, you will also see that the 'iPhone' word is too different.

Now lets look at the 3 back housings from the  back view to see the internal structure differences:



The iPhone 5C Back Housing can be easily identified from the edge color. Also, the inner structure of iPhone 5C is very different from iPhone 5 & iPhone 5C.  Lets take a look at the difference between iPhone 5 & iPhone 5S Back Housing Covers. We have marked 4 different positions with different colors. The 4 differences of the back housings of the models are not the same.

The Conclusion:
The LCD Screen & Back Housings of iPhone 5, iPhone 5C & iPhone 5S are not identical. They are not interchangeable at all. Please purchase the correct corresponding model if you want to get a replacement part for your iphone.

 Relacement Parts Are Available At Digital Supply USA


Front Outer Glass Lens Screen Replacement Instructions November 17, 2015 11:14

Digital Supply USA

Digital Supply USA is only a parts supplier there for doesn’t answer technical questions. Digital Supply USA specializes in sourcing high quality parts at the lowest prices.

Below are the instructions that the manufacturer sends out.

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Tip 1: A lot of people prefer to use the video instructions on  Simply put iPhone glass only replacement  OR  Galaxy glass only replacement in the search bar and tons of videos pop up.

Tip 2: You will see a lot of the older repair methods use glue. This method has been replaced with adhesive tape as the manufactures have determined that the adhesive tape typically lasts longer and is easier to use.

Front Top Outer Glass Lens Screen Replacement

Disclaimer:  These instructions come straight from the manufacturer. Repair at your own risk. Digital Supply USA is not responsible for any broken items. Digital Supply USA is simply a parts supplier there for doesn’t answer technical questions.

Step 1- Front Glass

  • Cut a piece of packaging tape the size of the screen and stick it on top of the glass screen. This will help you remove the broken pieces of glass later. (this is especially helpful if your screen has a lot of cracks)
  • If your screen still has the outer screen protector on it then you may not need to use the tape.

Step 2

  • Use the plastic opening tool to pry open the back and front cases.

Step 3

  • Hold a hair dryer or heat gun about 3 inches from your phone. Heat the front glass lens for about 3 to 7 minutes (depending on how hot it is) to loosen the adhesive that holds the glass to the digitizer. The glass lens should be just too hot to touch. Don’t heat it hotter than this as you can damage the LCD digitizer.
  • **you may not need to use heat if your screen is so cracked that you can see the digitizer below it and can peel the pieces of glasses off of the LCD digitizer.

Step 4

  • Using the guitar pick or plastic pry tool very carefully start separating the glass piece or pieces if it has been shattered from the digitizer.
  • When you are separating the glass start at the top outer borders and work your way in towards the center and bottom.
  • You may need to heat the glass multiple times to keep it hot as you do this.
  • Be extra careful when you get to the bottom because the menu buttons are glued to the glass.
  • Be careful not to damage the cables. Separate the screen from the top to the bottom to the point where you can see the menu/home button cables.

Step 5

  • Remove the speaker mesh cover from your old phone as you will need to transfer it to your new glass lens.

Step 6

  • Carefully remove the rest of the glass pieces and adhesive from the digitizer.
  • You can use Alcohol, Windex or WD40 to help get the rest of the remaining adhesive off of the digitizer. Be careful not to use too much though.

Step 7

  • Make sure the glass lens and digitizer is smudge free. ( you can do this by using a lent free cloth)
  • Cut a small piece of the adhesive tape and use it to keep the buttons in place.
  • It is important to make sure the buttons line up exactly
  • Put pieces of the adhesive tape on the 4 corners of the digitizer (top and bottom)
  • If the new glass lens has a protective plastic film then remove it now. (be careful not to smudge the glass)

Step 8

  • Adhere the new glass lens to the digitizer. (most people find it easiest to start at the top and slowly work your way down.

You can find high quality replacement parts here.

 Digital Supply USA


iPhone damage prevention May 06, 2015 15:02

The Future iPhones may come with wings… Seriously. That’s at least according to a patent awarded to the company Apple that seeks to provide a cool way to prevent iPhones from smashing, breaking and cracking when they’re dropped or thrown.

According to the patent the was submitted, which was awarded to Apple by the United States Patent and Trademark Offices, and first reported by AppleInsider, the company is experimenting with wild ways to physically alter the movement of its phones and devices as they fall, so that they land in a way that will cause the least amount of damage and destruction.

Landing kind of like a cat, 

In the companies patent filing, Apple points to a lot of potential options to accomplish this major feat, including strapping its phones and devices with built-in airfoils that would pop-up when the unit or handset’s processor detects that it is falling from your hand. The product airfoil could, in theory, slow the phone or devices descent, ensuring that it impacts the ground with lesser force and preventing it from suffering a significant damage or destruction.

The patent also mentions a kind of thrusting mechanism that would use a gas like canister to generate forces from different areas of the phone and reorient it mid-fall toward the impact zone.

Some Other options include a rotating mass like thing that would spin the phone as it falls, so that it lands without shattering or damaging its display. Heck, the patent also mentions a mass, such as a battery or some other big object, that could be ejected from the phone as it falls to the ground to make it rotate.

The big key, the patent explains, is the mechanism needs to get the phone to fall in a way that minimizes any potential big damage. with Americans having already dished out billions of dollars to repair their smart-phones in the past eight years, anything that can further reduce the amount of punishment a phone takes would be a huge benefit to consumers.

So the big question is what are the odds you will see this in your next iPhone?? That’s really hard to say. Tech companies like Apple and Samsung usually stockpile patents for a huge variety of applications just in case they may be useful in the future products, or can be used against their competitors during nasty litigation.

Also, some of the options mentioned in the patent are fairly wild. I mean, airfoils on a smartphone? Really?

More than likely, it’s highly unlikely that the next iPhone or smartphone will include any variations of the previously mentioned drop-protection measures. With That said, a flying iPhone would be pretty flippin awesome.


The 16 Tricks You Need to Know When Using iOS 8 February 23, 2015 16:04

Apple's most latest mobile operating system iOS 8 is like getting a brand new iphone, even if there's months and  months left on your wireless phone contract. If you have an iPhone 4S and up, you can get it downloaded for free on the iTunes store — but make sure to back up before disaster strikes again! We have a ton more tech tips on the way but, until that time, here are our 16 favorite tricks in iOS 8.

The Photos

  • Recover deleted photos — In the Photos app, just tap on the trash can icon & a "Recover Photo" menu will pop right up. You will also see recently deleted photos. A timer display that counts down the time left before the image is automatically deleted will also show up when viewing.

The Camera

  • The Time-lapse videos — You can Video record the changing environment with this new feature in iOS 8. Just Open the Camera app, swipe to select "Time-lapse mode," tap the Record button, & just let it record for as long as you want!!
  • Panoramic mode for iPad — It used to be only for the iPhone! not anymore...
  • The Timer —  Just Set the camera on timer for up to 10 seconds.
  • Edit the lighting — There are powerful color and light adjustment tools built into the Photos app now 3rd party apps are no longer needed. Open the Photos app, tap on an image, then select the little "dial" button on the bottom right. cha ching!


  • You can Find your iPhone when the battery is dead — In Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Find My iPhone, enable "send last location." When your iPhone battery is almost drained out, Apple will send you the last known location of your device.


  • You can Identify a song — Shazam is now integrated into Siri, so you can ask "What song is playing right now?" and the title, artist, and a link to buy will pop up.
  • Did you know you can Activate Siri without hands — Just say, "Hey Siri!"


  • Credit card scanning ability — Instead of typing in your credit card information over & over, you can now use your phone's camera to scan the numbers on a credit card when making online purchases.
  • Get More privacyDuckDuckGo, a search engine with a staunch anti-tracking stance, can now be set as the default search engine.

The Messages

  • Remove yourself from nasty group messages — In group message view, tap "Details" then enable Do Not Disturb to quiet notifications, or tap Leave the Conversation.
  • You can just Reply from the notification — When the notification bar pops up on your screen, you can now tap "reply" and draft a text without leaving the app you were currently in.
  • Automatically delete msgs — In Settings > Messages, enable "Automatically Delete" messages after 30 days or one year to free up space on your phone.

The Keyboard

  • Predictive text — This cool feature is called "QuickType," & it predicts what you're typing before you finish spelling out the word. you can Enable it by tapping on the button to the left of the space bar.


  • See Which app is using the most battery life? — In Settings, see which apps are draining most of your battery life and shut them down if you're low on power.

So Much more to come . . . stay tuned!

Digital Supply USA

The Price of the Apple iPhone 6 could be a lot more expensive August 25, 2014 11:26

We have one big reality about the new iPhone 6 that Apple fans might not be so excited about: It might be the priciest iPhone version yet.

A lot of people expect the so-called iPhone 6 to be a total overhaul of the 5S, totally packed with many new features that could push costs through the roof. Back in May, Tech analyst Bobby Todd said Apple was negotiating with the carriers to increase the price of the iPhone 6 by $100.00 compared to the iPhone 5s, which starts at $199.00 with contract.

Meanwhile, TechSavy says the new phone could cost more than $850.00 without a contract. That's double what the original iPhone cost back in 2007, when it wasn't subsidized by 2-year contracts. The 5S starts at $659 without contract.

Since the original iPhone 3G was unveiled in 2008, new versions of Apple's smartphone have started at $199 with a contract*. So a leap to $299.00 would be pretty big.

Before you get bummed out, remember: We don't know for sure when the iphone is hitting the shelves. Apple has an event planned for September 9 where it's expected the new iPhone model will be unveiled. But on Thursday more rumors swirled that the launch could be delayed to other causes.

However, many expect the phone to be a massive overhaul of the previous iPhone model. Here are some features that could drive the price up:

1. The Size

The new Apple iPhone is expected to come in 2 larger sizes -- 4.7 and 5.5 inch -- a big step up from the current 4 inch glass screen. The extra size is supposed to cost more, but the 5.5 inch iPhone model is where a price increase is the most likely. That may mean the new Apple iPhone will feature a larger battery. Some Apple patents also suggest the phone will be a bit thinner. Bigger screen + bigger battery + thinner = More Money.

2. The Materials

One of the loudest Apple iPhone 6 rumors out there: the new Apple iphone's screen may be made of a new material called sapphire crystal. This is Relatively rare in phones, the material is supposedly much stronger & more scratch resistant than Apple's previous Gorilla glass versions -- Apple iPhone already uses it to cover the fingerprint sensor & camera on its Apple iPhone 5S. It’s not clear whether all the models of the Apple iPhone will feature the new material, but it’s estimated the sapphire will cost Apple $15.00 per phone more to make, compared to $4.00 for glass, The TechMaster Journal reports.

3. The Processor

The Apple iPhone 6 is also getting a rumored upgrade in the processor speed. The Apple iphone could include a new A8 chip that will feature the frequencies of 2.1 GHz or even more, compared to the iPhone 5S' 1.4Ghz A7 processor it currently has.

however, not everyone’s convinced the iPhone 6 will be pricier, just rumors as of now. kgNet and Marles say a 4.7 inch 32GB model will remain confined to Apple’s $199 pricing schemes.

*The iPhone 5C is the only exception. The cheaper model was unveiled at $99 with contract last year.


The rumor mill continues to turn about the iphone 6 release date and specs... August 11, 2014 10:51

Digital Supply USA.. The new iPhone 6 really could be one of the most important devices in the brand's history: with the Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C simple updates to previous models, there's a ton of pressure heaped on the Apple iPhone 6.

As per the norm, the net is awash with rumors, speculations & downright lies over the next-generation iPhone handset, which is why all of us at Digital Supply USA spend our time trawling through each nugget of information, debating the merits and curating it into this easy-to-read hub for all things iPhone 6.

According to a very recent survey of 5706 US consumers the Apple iPhone 6 is the most highly anticipated Apple smartphone ever, with interest easily outstripping that of the iPhone 5S & iPhone 5g.

We have already been given a small sneak peak at what Apple may have in store for us consumers on the iPhone 6 thanks to the early announcement of iOS 8 at WWKRS - from a some what bigger screen & camera to health monitoring & more storage.

What the iOS 8 tells us about the iPhone 6 so far:

Some of you out there might have been expecting the Apple iPhone 6 to have debuted in late 2013, but given the iPhone's long history - from the 3G on-wards, there has always been a 1/2 step "S" model before the next numbered Apple iPhone - we knew were never going to get the 6 until sometime in 2014.

In fact, it will technically be the Apple iPhone 8 when it finally launches... but hey, who's counting right? So It's unlikey to arrive alongside the new Apple iPad, which is expected a few weeks later sometime in October or November.

However, one thing is for sure, with the Samsung Galaxy S5, LG G3, the Sony Xperia Z2 & HTC One M8 now out in wild, Apple needs to be on its A game with the new iPhone - & many believe a bigger screen is simply a must to continue to compete.


Digial Supply USA  

Digial Supply

Rumors abound about the Apple iPhone 6 launch date August 11, 2014 09:36

Digital Supply USA..The latest news is that recently leaked pics claim to show the front panel Apple will use for its newest version, the iPhone 6, propelling rumors that the new iPhone 6 will come with a larger screen than that of the iPhone 5s or 5g.

The pictures, which were published by Korean website Apple Club & first spotted by 8to4Mac, supposedly show the LCD layer of the touch-screen along with the phone's front panel. We also get a look at some of the internal parts that sit below the front panel and just above the display area of the iPhone 6.

It is not clear whether the display shown in the pictures is made of glass or of the much rumored sapphire crystal, but the pics reportedly show the 4.8-inch iPhone as opposed to the rumored 5.6-inch variation.

Other than a bigger display, the Apple iPhone 6 is expected to come with a much faster processor made by it's parent Apple, support for the wireless charging, & some much needed camera improvements. Re-coder recently reported that Apple will hold an event on September 10th to officially take the wraps off its next smartphone generation, but we have yet to hear any word from the company its self. Digital Supply USA 


Tips for how to use the Home screen on iPhone or iPad July 14, 2014 07:56

The (Home screen)— known behind the scenes as the Spring-Board — is the central hub of iPhone & iPad activity. This is not a destination.. You're not meant to linger here & stare. It's a transport, like a gateway. It is what gets you to your apps & your other content. From the Home screen you can also tap app & game icons, music & video players, web browsers & online stores. You can also access Spotlight to easily search for apps, content, and more, & invoke MultitaskingNotification CenterControl CenterSiri, and more.

What does the term OEM mean? July 14, 2014 06:57

The term OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer”.  What this means is that the part was made by a company that is a subcontractor to the device manufacturer. This means that an OEM part is the same part used when the device was assembled. Not a cheap knockoff or imitation.

In most cases, we always recommend purchasing the OEM part. Although they tend to be more expensive than non-OEM (Aftermarket) parts, you can be assured that the quality and performance of the part will usually be superior. Here at we always try to use OEM. However, if a part is not available OEM our quality team always finds the highest quality replacement.

Great Tips to Lengthen The Lithium-Ion Battery Life of Your Device July 14, 2014 06:35

Using your device all day on your Apple or Samsung device is possible with the large storage capacity that enables you to us your device for hours on end. But what if the battery does not last as long as it used to?? This situation can often happen. To prevent this tragedy, here are some tips to help your Apple iPhone or Samsung battery last longer:

You can see our battery selection here.

  • Always store the battery at room temperature. This is very important bc if the battery is too hot or too cold, it will not be able to function at its complete potential. Normal room temperature, about 69 degrees Fahrenheit, provides the optimal atmosphere. Try to store the battery at this temperature before & during device use.
  • Utilize the airplane mode on your device. This is a great function that helps your battery last even longer. If you won't be using your device for a while, turn it off & switch on the airplane mode. You will be saving some of your battery life by preventing your device from being accidentally turned on while on your pocket. It also keeps the device from searching for a connection signal causing the battery to drain.
  • It is important to wait for the battery to empty before re-charging it. This step will guarantee a better & longer life for your battery. Often  times devices use the battery even while in sleep mode, so the battery will drain or deplete when you are not using your device. The best time to charge your battery is when it is totally empty.
  • If you are not using the device, just put it in the sleep mode. To put your device in sleep mode, just hold the power button for several seconds. This will help prevent the battery from being wasted while you are not actually using the device.
  • Tip: While listening to music on your device another thing that can shorten your battery life is changing tracks with the use of the previous & next buttons. When you use these buttons, the hard drive needs to be opened, which uses a lot of your battery life. Try using remote on the headphone to go to the next or previous tracks

Apple iPhone 4S Repair - Quality Parts & Service June 24, 2014 01:12

Apple & Samsung Repair and parts Services

Do you or someone else need an Apple iPhone, iPad or Samsung Galaxy repair?? If so, you’re in the right place. We have experienced technicians ready to repair your device to make it look & function as good as new. You will be able to keep your device for much longer, which means you'll save a lot of money vs buying a new one.. All you need to do is choose one or more of the repair or parts services you need, & follow the instructions at the checkout.


Apple iPhone 4S Repair - Quality Parts & Service

At Digital Supply USA, we want you to be 100% satisfied before, during, & after a device repair or part purchase. That's why we only use high quality replacement parts. If you find you can get the same repair for a lower cost somewhere else, research them because they usually use the low quality parts. 



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