Have a broken Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone? Save time and money by repairing it yourself using repair kits or repair parts from Digital Supply USA. At Digital Supply USA we carry everything you need to complete the most common types of phone repairs including screen replacements. If it's your first time repairing a broken screen, choose one of our kits with all of the tools and accessories you'll need to get the job done. If it's not your first time doing a repair, just order the parts you need and enjoy significant savings.

Screen Repair Kits

Our screen repair kits for iPhones and Galaxy phones are some of our best-selling phone supply items. Our custom screen replacement kits include everything you need to completely replace your phone's screen including tools for opening the phone, removing glue along the edges, a replacement screen, connectors and more.

Upgrade your phone's design by adding a screen with a colorful border. We carry screen replacement kits with standard or designer frame colors. Upgrade your boring white or black screen frame to yellow, blue, green or another color. Colored frames will not interfere with the function of your phone. Color frame kits also come with replacement parts, tools, adhesives and other necessary items.

Individual Components

In addition to repair kits, we also carry a variety of individual replacement parts, tool kits and other repair components. Whether you're looking for a glass screen, a repair tool kit, an LCD digitizer, a replacement battery or some other phone part, Digital Supply USA has the high-quality cell phone repair pieces you need to fix your Apple or Samsung phone smartphone. Individual components offer a significant savings over screen repair kits and allow you to buy only what you need to get the job done.

Please note that our individual repair items are best suited for those that are experienced with phone repairs. If this is your first time replacing your phone's screen, please select one of our screen repair kits to also get all of the tools and accessories you may need to complete the repair as easily and as efficiently as possible.


Once your phone is fixed, keep it from breaking again with our top-notch Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy accessories. We carry a full range of durable screen protectors that keep your fragile smartphone screen from getting scratched, chipped or even broken. Screen repairs install directly over your existing screen and adhere to the glass. Our screen protectors for iPhone and Samsung phones will not slip or come off under normal circumstances. While a simple screen protector won't save your phone from major accidents, it'll keep it looking like new during everyday use.

We also carry replacement chargers and external battery packs that offer a simple and affordable alternative to replacing your phone's internal battery. At Digital Supply USA we know how important your phone is, so we do everything we can to offer you the best selection of repair kits, individual parts and accessories to help you repair your phone so you won't have to replace it.
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